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Reclaiming Your Body

Your mind may not remember the details of your trauma but your body(somatic) does. Your brain has protected you from feeling the magnitude of what has happened to you in order to prioritize your survival. That pain however is stored in your DNA and cells. It is passed on in every interaction subconsciously you have and if you decide to have children it is then passed to them. When one is unaware of how their trauma has affected them it causes harm to not only you, but to those around you including loved ones.

Somatic memories can be activated at any time and cause one to react/respond in a way that creates further pain in the body, quality of life and relationship stress. Becoming aware of how your body stored that trauma, how it affects your: mobility,

What can Somatic memories appear as?



Physical pains

Muscle tension

Shallow breathing

Fast paced walking (when not in danger)

Numbness in the body


Random crying spells or angry outbursts

Somatic Healing

Allows memories to resurface to become aware, feel, release, process and self regulate

Mindfulness Breath work

  • meditation that focuses your attention on your breath

  • can help one to ground themselves from states of activation

  • can help rewire body into responding from a regulated space when activated

Safe touch with loved ones/self

Body Scans

Grounding exercises

  • walking barefoot

  • taking a cold/hot shower

  • meditation

Yoga or deep stretching

  • yin yoga

  • kundalini yoga

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