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What is Spiritual Wellfare©?

Updated: Feb 8

Our existence is one conspired of an alchemy that none can describe. We are spirits in a human body experiencing breath in sync with all forms of life around us, while inhabiting an spirit plane dancing through space. That in itself is a mouthful. As one develops through life, they begin to understand that in order to feel at peace and liberated, one has to put deep care and attention into themselves. One must continuously seek to understand themselves, letting go and being in flow with where their spirit takes them, even when it's gut-wrenchingly intense.

We are influenced by even the tiniest of matters. And because we are susceptible and vulnerable beings one must create a care plan for themselves that involves the intersections of all selves. Our spiritual is connected to our emotional, connected to our mental etc. When one part of ourselves is neglected or overwrought with trauma responses, we succumb to a life of survival. Survival is the bare minimum and in that we are unaware of the efforts we are emitting as we live. We are just tryna make it to the end of the day. We wake up the next day and repeat. With so much life around us, why do we subject ourselves to merely putting our heads down to run on our hamster wheels til we fall out. Spiritual Wellfare© is the armor we put on to protect ourselves from the projections of life that desire to keep us in our rat races, unaware of the power that lies within us.

Our armor includes deep love and healing towards our:

Mental Health

Emotional Health

Financial Health

Sexual Health

Physical Health

Spiritual Health

Relational Health

5 tips to Create your Armor

  1. Start small: do not try to jump head first. Just because you see someone else doing it, does NOT mean you have to do it. It does not need to be glamorous

  2. Get curious: Interview yourself: What brings you joy? What makes your body feel pleasurable? Alive? What gives you energy to go out and be social? Get curious about what makes you shine.

  3. Take your time: You don't owe anyone anything, but you do owe it to yourself to go slow and create a deep sensuous practice feeling every intention in your cells.

  4. Break it down: each day/week focus on one section of your health ie physical health. Each day/week build by adding another small focus from a different section i.e. brushing your teeth and going for a 5 min walk.

  5. Celebrate: IT ALL! it is okay if you fall off and it is okay if all you were able to do one day is breathe. That's huge! Celebrating yourself creates capacity to show up deeper for yourself.

For more practices on how to care deeper for yourself, follow us on social media: @SpiritualWellfareInc

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