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Welcome to Spiritual Wellfare, a sanctuary for transformative healing and liberation. Founded in 2020 by Mystiika, MA, AMFT, our journey began with a vision to dismantle oppressive systems and revive ancient ancestral practices for embodied living.

Mystiika, a multidimensional practitioner, observed a critical gap in the care provided to marginalized communities. Traditional modalities often perpetuated violence and retraumatization, trapping individuals in a cycle of survival that transcended generations. This realization sparked the inception of Spiritual Wellfare.

At our core, we blend timeless wisdom with science-backed practices to forge new pathways of liberation within the body. Our mission is to guide individuals beyond mere survival, empowering them to thrive and break the chains of intergenerational trauma.

Image by Chang Duong

Join us in this journey of healing, as we weave a tapestry of care that honors your unique story and fosters a future where thriving is not just a possibility, but a reality.

Our Mission

At Spiritual Wellfare,  our mission is to facilitate a journey towards wholeness and empowerment for individuals and communities alike. We are dedicated to fostering deep, transformative healing within marginalized communities rooted in a compassionate understanding of the long-standing impacts of systemic oppression.

Through an integration of science, somatic practices, spiritual exploration, and creative expression, we aim to release the traumas entrenched within the body and psyche.

Through nurturing individual healing, we strive to dismantle the oppressive systems that perpetuate cycles of trauma through holistic wellness, economic mobility, sustainability and community building. 

Spiritual Wellfare is committed to reimagining and co-creating spaces of wellness, equity, and liberated existence for all

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Our Vision

We envision a world where 

Inclusive Healing Flourishes: Every individual, especially those from marginalized communities, has access to holistic healing that respects and integrates their unique identities and experiences.


Systemic Change is Realized: The deep-rooted systemic barriers impacting queer, BIPOC, and gender-expansive communities are dismantled, leading to equitable and just societies.

Empowered Communities Thrive: Communities are not only surviving but thriving, with members feeling empowered, connected, and supported in their journeys towards healing and growth.


Holistic Practices are Valued: Somatic, spiritual, and creative practices are recognized as essential tools for addressing trauma and fostering well-being

Solidarity and Advocacy Prevail: A global network of allies and advocates works in solidarity to uphold the rights and dignity of marginalized groups, advocating for systemic change and inclusive policies.


Our Values

Intersectional Healing: Commitment to addressing the unique experiences and challenges of marginalized communities, recognizing the interconnectedness of various forms of oppression.


Body-Centric Liberation: Emphasizing the importance of releasing trauma stored in the body, utilizing practices like somatic therapy, mindfulness, and yoga to transition from survival to thriving.

Community Empowerment: Prioritizing the voices and needs of the communities served, ensuring that services are not only for them but led by them, fostering a sense of agency and collective strength.


Inclusivity and Safety: Creating a space where all individuals, regardless of their background or identity, feel seen, heard, and valued, ensuring a nonjudgmental and nurturing environment.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science: Integrating ancestral knowledge with evidence-based practices to offer holistic and effective pathways to healing and well-being.


Sustainable Transformation: Focusing on long-term, sustainable change both within individuals and in the broader societal structures, aiming to dismantle systemic barriers and promote equitable access to care.

Collaborative Growth: Encouraging collaboration and co-creation with community members and leaders, ensuring that programs and services evolve in response to the changing needs of those served.

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